Lets face it, not everyone likes a big night out on the booze to celebrate their 30th birthday! we have come up with a few ideas to host the perfect party to celebrate your dirty 30s!

We have come up with a list of activities to fill your day & night for a birthday to remember weather it be indulging in a lavish meal to adventures and heart stopping adrenalin activities to create lasting memories for your milestone birthday celebration!


There are some great ways to celebrate with games and activities! why not plan ahead and give the guys a reason to use their problem solving skills! There are many group games, challenges and activities that would make a unique and memorable 30th birthday other then staggering from one bar to another all night long. Whilst celebrating and taking in part of the activities why not have some of Evotique Entertainments glamorous and sexy topless waitresses for your event to get the party started before you head out on your adventures! The girls will serve ice cold drinks to get everyone in the spirits!

Some actives In Brisbane to add to your list include

Paintballing at Delta force Paintball Brisbane

Delta Force Paintball Petrie has arrived! No longer will the people of Brisbane need to play with boring hay bales and run-down game zones. Delta Force offers quality paintball games and experiences unlike any you have ever seen before. We offer competitive paintball packs and safety equipment, while lunch can be purchased from their Basecamp.

Go Karting at Slideways Brisbane

Slideways Go Karting Brisbane is only 10 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 5 Mins from the Brisbane Airport and easily accessible from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Logan areas. We are dedicated to being the best indoor go kart hire centre in Australia. Our European style indoor kart track features 425m of adrenalin pumping action, with a pair of massive second level structures, an all-weather outdoor loop, sweepers and esses. Our unique track surface is designed by Slideways Go Karting Australia and is like no other in the southern hemisphere, allowing the karts to drift and get Slideways! It also means it takes some skill to achieve a good lap time using smooth steering, throttle and brake control which guarantees you to have a good time!!

Night Kayaking at the wrecks on Morteon Island

It’s pitch black as you push your clear Perspex kayak off the shore of Moreton Island – relying on the moon and two LED strips as your guide. The historic, rusting wrecks are all the more eerie and quiet at night. Your bright LED lights attract fish that will leap at your vessel. But all the better, curious turtles might come to say hello – and you’ll follow them drifting 200m offshore without a care. Australian Sunset Safaris offers the experience as part of its overnight Moreton Island tour.

Dive with Mantra rays

Over the summer months Manta Rays flock to the Manta Bommie dive site just off North Stradbroke Island. Ranked in the top 10 dive sites in Australia, Manta Lodge will take you out there where you’ll come face-to-face with the large creatures plus leopard sharks, guitar sharks, turtles, wobbegongs and bamboo sharks, octopus, pelagics, bull, eagle and other rays plus lionfish and much more.

Go on a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Feel like the reef is a world away? If you’ve got just one day and a little cash to splash, a seaplane departing Redcliffe will take you to Lady Elliot Island for the day (or weekend). Here you can snorkel and dive around the coral cay, considered one of the best spots to do so on the reef.

Fly like a bird over Mt Tamborine

You might have seen hang gliders leaping off the western side of the mountain. The great news is that experience isn’t needed – you can join them for a tandem flight.

Absail off the Story Bridge

We are assuming you’re well acquainted with the Story Bridge Adventure Climb (one of only three bridge climbs in the world), but did you know it also offers abseil climbs? This means you climb the top of the bridge as per normal, but on the last leg abseil 30m straight down the pylon. Phew.

Crack a tinny with local oysters on a sand island

At the bottom end of Moreton Island is the area’s most remote bar – the Gutter Bar. Located in the tiny township of Kooringal, the Moreton Island Oyster Farm just offshore provides the fresh goods perfectly paired with any cold drink. Cheers!

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