5 Wild Topless Waitress & Strippers Party Ideas

Checking in with most Australians, you’ll probably here the same party ideas. But when you will look for a wild idea to make your event livelier and memorable, those same traditional ideas won’t work. You will need something out of the ordinary! So, are you searching for some wild party ideas to bring out the “beast” in your night? we have five terrific ideas for you.

  1. Hire a topless waitress or stripper for boys only night out
    We love nights out! And it’s certainly amazing when it’s a boys’ only affair because no one will feel held back by the presence of their significant other. If you’ve already organised a location, drinks and food for your boys’ only affair, then spice things up with strippers an and lingerie, topless and nude waitresses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and Sydney with Evotique Entertainment! Every man feels relieved by the sight of spherical sexy boobs on a topless, curvaceous girl, even if they can’t touch them! Hire a topless waitress, nude stripper, xxx stripper or duo lesbian strip show for your night out or even for your party bus event, and you are sure to be the man of the party!
  2. Hire a male topless waiter or stripper for girls only party
    Women equally love the things that men look out for in women. When arranging a wild girls’ night, have a topless waiter, g string or full monty male stripper from Evotique Entertainment, weather it be in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast or surrounding areas. These male strippers are well built, muscular and have an amazing personalities to strike the attention of every girl in the party. Want him to dance on your lap and tease you as you enjoy the buzz? These strippers know have it all, simply make a request and consider it done!
  3. Get erotic with a lingerie waitress, topless waitress or a nude waitress!
    Some of us get enthralled by a semi-nude erotic girl in a lingerie or even topless and for those whom are more that way inclined even nude! Believe me, everyone is unique in their own way. Apart from the issue of preference, there are also certain events where a topless waitress won’t serve the purpose right which is why lingerie waitresses can also be a great idea. A super sexy model in a lingerie from Evotique Entertainment turns out to be the perfect inclusion to your event instead. Most guys are driven crazy when served with drinks by a woman, especially if she is in lingerie.
  4. Get the royal experience!
    Any pro topless waitress from Evotique in Brisbane Gold coast, Byron Bay, Sydney and Tweed Heads can serve in any event where guys want to feel uplifted. But when you want to make your guests feel like royalty, you have to reach out to the most unique option – nude waitresses. Everyone deserves to get one of a kind treatment from a memorable event. Simply have a topless waitress serve your guests with drinks and later on remove their kits and serve them fully nude! A nude waitress is certainly gorgeous with a sizzling hot body to capture the attention of every guest.
  5. Have a topless pub waitress
    If you own a pub in Sydney, Brisbane CBD, Byron Bay or on the Gold Coast and you have a group of party lovers booking a couple of tables for their event, give them the suggestion of hiring a topless pub waitress for their event from Evotique Entertainment. This is actually a nice way to have more and more groups seeking out your services, which will in turn boost your overall profits. It will be business as usual, but certain clients will be getting a special treatment in their private space.

With Evotique Entertainment, your choice of topless waitresses will only be limited by your taste. You have a wide range of options to choose from, including girls and boys with model figures and cheerful personalities.

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