A night with a topless waitress

As at the work week comes to an end most women head home to enjoy a nice glass of red in front of the tv or head out to mingle & enjoy a cocktail with their girlfriends at the local bar, in the adult industry Friday is just the start of a long & busy working weekend for most of the girls! Theres no going out with friends here, Its time to put your heels on but all in the name of work nor pleasure. The typical topless waitress or show girl works long hours from early afternoon up until mid hours of the morning when busy season hits and dedicate their time to entertaining unfamiliar crowds in hotels, houses, boats & parties! Theres no sort of party these girls wouldn’t of seen.

Behind every topless waitress is a different story, as simple as you may think these girls may be a lot of the women working in the industry will cease to amaze you, from Uni students to Professional practitioners, white collar nine to fivers and even mothers the adult industry has a vast range of women with different personalities to suit every party!

Unlike most women we have a very open mind, theres nothing you can’t discuss with the “hired help” so to speak, you name it – we’ve heard it! from D&Ms about messy divorces to how stupidly drunk they have been over the weekend or how much A$$’s they can tap by utilising the benefits of modern technology good old tinder a conversation never ends in a dull way!

approaching a room full of strange men can be daunting, but none the less if you treat a women with respect you’ll only get the same back. Act like a fool and give an attitude & your waitress will be sure to throw it back at ya! you don’t want to mess with these girls, they demand respect & are quick to point out the “clown of the party” or the “dousche” some may say! Theres always one in the group and after years of dealing with rowdy intoxicated men theres nothing a topless waitresses intuition cant pick up on.

Alysha* waits down in the lobby, her eyes are peeled for the uncomfortable looking guy who has no idea who he is collecting, all he has to go off is a few snap shots and we all know thats barely enough for a man to utilise at an attempt to point out his waitress awaiting.

He kindly walks up to her to confirm he has the right woman, this is usually an ice breaker as a lot of the girls will use it to joke around or have a laugh about the situation.

As Alysha* enters the room, a quick wave hello to the guys is gestured before she heads to the allocated room to get changed and organise her outfit. She adjusts her stockings, walks out and approaches a room full of guys, “Hi guys I’m your waitress Alysha”  theres always a couple of rules so she makes sure everyone knows where she stands , “NO photos, and NO touching (but your welcome to touch each other)” she jokes to lighten the air. Now that thats out of the way – she kindly offers anyone drinks, beer, scotch, bourbon, hands full and 3 rounds later she returns to stand next to a kind older gentleman sitting down at the table in his 50’s & proceeds to ask him how the bucks party is going so far, he replies “its great now that your here your are absolutely stunning young lady” Most girls would shake it off as another typical remark but Alysha smiles at the gentleman while she proceeds to thank him and return the compliment “your not to bad yourself” she can see he takes care of himself, he’s well presented and also smells like fresh ocean breeze, its must be the cologne! Alysha sits on his lap & puts her arm around his neck, she’s found her safety blanket for the night! (this is generally one patron whom the waitress will cling to after a sense of comfortability is established) As she smiles at the Gentleman he makes a joke “if only i had beautiful women sitting on my lap every day, but my wife wont even sleep in the same bed” Alysha laughs “Your very funny!” she picks up his empty bottle and walks it back to the kitchen she catches her reflection in the sliding glass door, her underwear is a size to small to emphasis the size of her hips, as well as the attention on her exposed breasts she feels sexy, confident and now has a $20 tip tightly tucked into her undies because she’s made one customer feel special.

Alysha is a 25 year old Nursing student and has worked as a topless waitress for the last 4 years throughout different bucks parties, events , boat cruises, poker nights, boys weekends away you name it she’s done it! for many women exposing themselves to complete strangers every weekend is a scary thought and most women would not even think about doing this, Alysha like many other topless waitresses takes it in her stride, “Why do yo do this for work” one of the patron asks her, “its just another part of my body, we were born naked so why not embrace it, Its just a pair of boobs and its natural for a guy to want to stare at them which they do anyway so why not make some money from it instead of spending my time in trashy clubs around women who bare all anyway for nothing more then a cheap shot of nasty tequila, i go to work, I’m professional about my job, i have fun, joke around and meet some really nice people so the question is why wouldn’t I do it?” “thats a good point he replied, “I never thought of it that way” which most people don’t!

The confidence and carefree attitude towards baring all doesn’t come straight away, when you first start working as a topless waitress its like a dream where your naked or not wearing a top and your like “S#%t I’m not wearing a top! every time you look down , but its not long before you become comfortable in your own skin and receiving more compliments in one weekend then you’ve had in your entire life.

In this industry there are girls of all shapes and sizes, girls with perky boobs, saggy boobs, fake boobs, small boobs, stretch marks and cellulite. They are all beautiful in their own way and guys don’t really care about little things we think they do, they don’t always like girls to be super skinny, perfectly proportioned or completely free of cellulite. Just by looking at the way a topless waitress carries herself its easy to see this is not an EXPLOITED women, but an EMPOWERED one!

Critics of the industry

In any industry that involves women exposing yourself, taking your clothes off and walking around half naked in font of strange men there will always be a stigma attached to it – generally this consists of a lack of self – worth, little life skills and intelligence, no morals – the list goes on. According to a sociology article titled Topless dancers – managing stigma in a deviant occupation by William E. Thompson & Jackie L. Harred, when Uni students were asked what kind of women they thought took their clothes off for a living, they responded with the following “hard women, dumb women, low class women, stupid women, un educated women, over sexed women, prostitutes, immoral, can’t do anything else for a living.

It was because of this sort of judgement that a lot of girls ended her work as a topless waitress, “my mum found out and she was against it then my boyfriend found out and he was not impressed, Why is it that when women’s tops drop to the floor the way they are judged and viewed goes right out the window with it?  what is the big deal with women exposing their breasts?

A lot of people would agree its a lot to do with the sexualisation of women by men in the new aged world, its a restricted topic, although they are put all over social media and paraded around like something spectacular so in the long run its MEN who have given breasts their power and authority – and now women are making the most of it by taking advantage of the horned up male race with men paying up big bucks for a few hours of mischievous fun & antics.

A lot of the clients and patrons are so focused on work and their career or tied up being a farther looking after their family they appreciate that scarce amount of female attention and lap it up while they can, I mean who can blame them… does anyone really want to go home to a nagging wife, crying baby and a pile of paper work to finish every day? I think not!

Its not like they are doing anything wrong, let them have some fun and let loose with their mates, and as for the people who say that its us girls being victimised need to take a look at how pathetic and lonely the other half of these guys are. A little attention never goes unwanted so maybe if they received more if it in their private lives they wouldn’t feel so drawn to when its readily available once every blue moon. Men will be men and thats just the way they are programmed.

when you picture a bucks party you probably think drunk guys, broken bottles, booze all over the place, really bad outfits and a whole lot of naked crazy women running around the place trying to bed your husband right? SO SO WRONG! well yeah theres the occasional crazy party but most of the jobs consist of long conversations, catering to well mannered clients and serving their drinks which is exactly what we are there for, the new aged bucks party is seeming less like a low budget bad porno and more like an episode of Sex & the City as the girls who pay attention to their clients make the most money.

Most of the time the men around have very little social skills, seem quiet uncomfortable or apologise for looking at your breasts, its like “buddy you paid for it its fine, I’m fine, I’m here and I’m comfortable with it so you should be too”

We don’t realise how much sexual power we have over men! Some of the clients even get it in their head that the girls like them or want to pursue something because they have been so nice, being in the industry means you have to be very careful, its about reeling the customer enough so he spends his money but also knowing when to stop so you don’t give out the wrong idea! They are smart girls and they know what they’re doing, otherwise the industry would be dead 🙂

A lot of the women from topless waitresses to strippers have day jobs, work full time or even run their own business, they do it on the side because the money is so good, some even do it just because they purely enjoy the work and the fact that they get paid to mingle and have fun,

many of the girls are University students, studying or international students that need to make extra money to pay for their degree and visas to stay in Australia.

So where do you draw the line ? a lot of people say its only a matter of time before you find yourself progressing from a topless waitress to an exotic dancer then to prostitution, I would disagree, everyone knows their limits and hows what they are comfortable with, some of the girls are topless waitresses and strippers , others just wouldn’t go there because stripping is something they are not comfortable doing, its as simple a that, each to their own and they are not harming anybody doing their job so the common society should cut them some slack and quiet stereotyping so many of these women.

You would not know any different if you passed a topless waitress on the street opposed to a white collar worker, many of the girls find that outside of work they dress more conservatively, don’t show their boobs off as much and don’t feel the need to impress men, they get paid to do this as a job so why would they subject themselves to portray that image when they aint seeing dollar dollar bills 🙂 they are a smart bread so don’t every mis judge an adult industry worker.

Moral of the story, who is the real victim? The girls who are being paid a good amount of money for a profession or service they are providing or the men that need to pay for it?

You be the judge!

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