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  • A deposit is mandatory upon any booking (price depending on services requested) and the remainder is paid to the staff on arrival in cash.
  • minimum booking time required – 2 hours
  • Last minute bookings incur extra charges of $10 per hour for any waiter/waitress & $10 for any show
  • Any bookings after midnight incur a $30 surcharge
  • We accept Credit Card Payments and direct deposit
  • Cancellation of bookings are non refundable, please be considerate the agency has put time & effort into organising your request and staff cancellation fees are paid via the agency to any bookings that staff may loose.


  • Please provide us with the correct address including building name, street number an alternative phone number contact for our contractor incase you are not reachable upon arrival. Our contractors are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to their start time for every function to avoid wasting the clients time.
  • Please provide your entertainer/contractor with an appropriate area to get ready, a lot of effort goes into the preparation for any shift. If there is no appropriate space for our entertainer to utilise please let us know in advance so we can make alternative arrangements.
  • If your booking involves outdoor areas or you require your selected contractor to tolerate unpredictable weather issues please advise us in advance & be aware that our staff pride themselves on quality appearance but may need to cover up with appropriate attire in given circumstances, they still feel the cold & work at their best when they are comfortable & warm. To avoid uncomfortable circumstances try to keep the party indoors in cooler seasons, provide heating (gas heaters) if you are hosting outdoor events & do not expect Evotique representatives to work in unnecessary weather (i.e. the rain, wind) when there is a healthy & happy area available to Utilise.
  • For all companion bookings please remember to organise meeting in a noticeable area along with described attire so our representatives can easily recognise you.
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