Bucks Parties on the rise, why men are opting to order in!

Surprisingly more and more men are opting out of the strip club scene and into a more private expanse for their bachelor parties. Bucks parties are a growing trend and also known as “mandatory” before the big day as some would say! A good excuse to get away from the nagging wife & kids while you spend quality time with the guys soaking up the sun consuming copious amounts of alcohol while spending the days playing skirmish, go karting, boating & throwing kick ass BBQ pool parties with a shit load of beer pong! Pool tables, table tennis & cinema rooms are also well known to the popular bucks weekend. In saying that it is obvious that a certain level of debauchery is going to to take place, lets face it a bunch of grown men with an unlimited supply of booze egging each other on is bound to end up in some way or another CRAZY! but now days bucks parties being held at a private residence, hotel or hire houses makes it much safer and easier to accommodate a bunch of rowdy guys rather then hoping from bar to bar so we can see why more and more men are going for this option. As for the women – your common bucks party will consist of topless waitresses, poker dealers & female strippers to keep the lads entertained for the night. Lets face it, no guy wants to spend hours on end surrounded by pure testosterone. The over lapping shifts of topless waitresses & strippers is non the less of the main attraction even though they hate to admit it, somewhere between pool games, beer Olympics and unlimited rounds of tequila shots surely the guys would opt for some shut eye!?

After a long day in the sun following an all nighter a nanna nap is recommended between events before heading out on the town! Its not as easy as it used to be and certainly a lot harder to enjoy with most cities incorporating tattoo laws , lock outs and bouncers refusing entry to a larger number of crowds – especially when you’ve got half a dozen intoxicated dudes rocking up to the club its no wonder the guys are staying in & saving their money on over priced drinks! who wouldn’t when you can put the extra cash toward hiring some gorgeous girls to make and serve your drinks for you minus the massive line up every time you want another beer!

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