Bucks party games

Planning a Bucks party can be quiet a stressful event none the yet having to piece together a list of activities and games for the successful trip away to celebrate those very monumental last few nights of freedom before the man of honour settles down for a life of love and bliss with his significant other.

As we all know it is important to ensure that the bucks party is nothing but e have put together a helpful list of fun & entertaining games to keep everyone on their feet & In the zone for the night whilst the drinks are flowing and the games are on point.

The main idea is to keep the excitement going so bucks party games that are fun, require quick thinking, lots of group initiative and ensure that someone always pays the price for lagging behind and draws the short straw at the end of each round.

Post it Notes!

This game is a great way to get started with your bucks party! Give everyone a pen and a post it note, each person writes on the post it something about the groom. The post it notes are placed on the wall so the groom can’t see who wrote it. While the groom pulls the notes off one by one he guesses who wrote each note and then explains to the rest of the party where the story originated.

Some fun ideas for topics include

  1. Embarrassing moments
  2. Past relationships
  3. Holiday events
  4. High school or university stories
  5. Family events
  6. Drunken stories
  7. Things you have done with mates
  8. Anything else that may strike a few laughs with the lads

Dares for the Buck!

One of the most entertaining games to participate in at any bucks party! This consists of dares and challenges that have been put together by the groomsmen and other attendees of the bachelor party. Ensure that you have your list ready to go well before the event! Heres some ideas we put together for you to begin with.

Take a piece of clothing off and approach a women to swap with you.
Test your skills and take a shot from the cleavage of a topless waitress without using your hands.
Sexy table dance while your out and about or find a pole and drop it like its hot!
Complete a game of beer pong using the opposite hand to what your write with.
Let all of the groomsmen and other bucks party attendees write a message of love somewhere on your body with a marker.

How well does the buck know his Bride to be?

Before departing for the trip of a lifetime the best man is to sit down with the bride to be and compose a list of questions and answers for the buck to answer. The bride to be will give all correct answers and the Buck must attempt to get as many correct as possible. We have put together a list of ideas for you 🙂

  1. What is her favourite colour?
  2. What is her favourite food?
  3. What size bra is she?
  4. Where was she born?
  5. What is her middle name?
  6. What is her favourite song?
  7. What is her favourite movie?
  8. What was her first job?
  9. what is her nickname if she has one?
  10. What do you do that ticks her off the most?
  11. What does she most love about you or your qualities?
  12. What would she change about you if she could change something?
  13. What is her worst habit?
  14. What would you change about her if you could choose one thing that irritates you?
  15. Where did you meet?
  16. How long have you been dating?
  17. Name one time you have surprised her and swept he off her feet?
  18. What are the qualities about her that you love the most?
  19. What is your favourite meal she cooks?
  20. How did you propose and what was the date of the proposal?

How well do you know the groom?

Before the bucks party begins the Buck has written up a list of questions and gives each guest a copy of the list. The party attendees all have a drink in one hand and a list in the other. The guests are to take turns reading out the questions and attempt to answer one by one. If the person reading out his questions cannot answer then he must skull some of his drink then each other party attendee gets a chance to answer before the buck does. If the buck has to answer and no one gets it correct then every guest must skull some of their drink.

  1. What is the bucks middle name?
  2. What date was the buck born on?
  3. Where was the buck born?
  4. What is the bucks favourite tv show?
  5. What high school did the buck go to?
  6. What is the bucks shoe size?
  7. Name the worst situation the buck has been in?
  8. Who is the ring bearer for the buck?
  9. How did the buck meet the bride to be?
  10. What is the bucks favourite band or musician?
  11. What is the the bride to be’s pet name from the buck?
  12. What is the pet name the bride to be calls the buck?
  13. What is the bucks worst habit?
  14. What is the date and time of the wedding?
  15. What is the bucks favourite food?
  16. What is the bucks favourite alcohol?
  17. What is the bucks least favourite food?
  18. Name one time the buck drank to much and threw up and what did he drink?
  19. How long have the bride and groom been together?
  20. What the bucks favourite past time?


Get together a list of Truth or dare questions for the celebration and the party attendees and also a list of dares to partake.

Get everyone to gather around and take a seat or stand and put all of the questions written down on paper in one hat or bowl and the dares in another. Make your way around the room by asking each person “truth or dare” If they choose truth then they must draw out a question from the truth hat, if they choose dare they must pull out a question from the dare hat. A few tips for composing your truth questions – make them fun yet embarasing! For the Dares ensure you take into consideration that you do not want to offend anyone if you plan to execute the dares in public and keep them fun yet entertaining! If your dares require props be sure to have them organised to bring along.

Some truth questions you may want to use include

  1. Name the worst hook up you have had and why
  2. Have you been arrested for anything and if so what?
  3. When was the last time you farted in public?
  4. What is the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you?
  5. Have you slept with another male?
  6. Have you ever waxed your butt crack?
  7. If you had to kiss one of the guys in this room who would it be?
  8. What is the worst date you have ever had and why?
  9. Have you ever had to fake your way out of a date? what happened?
  10. Have you ever had a girlfriend and called her your X’s name? what happened?

Some dares to keep you entertained for the evening!

  1. Phone one of your parents and pretend you have been arrested for cross dressing in public
  2. Take 2 shots of vodka from the bucks belly button
  3. Kiss one of the other guys on the lip
  4. Streak down the street in your underwear yelling “I am free!” over and over.
  5. Find a crowded bar and sing a love ballad at the top of your lungs.
  6. Find a female in the street and ask if you can use her lipstick, put the lipstick on in front of everyone and yell “Iam soooooo pretty!”
  7. Put the Borat mankini on for an hour (you will need to bring this with you)
  8. Colour your hair pink with the washable hair moose ( you will need to bring this)
  9. complete 20 push ups
  10. Everyone pour a dash of their drink into one glass – drink the entire drink.

I Never

A game for everyone involved in the celebration to participate in. Commence this game with one of the patrons stating “I never” and completes the sentence by relaying to the party something that they have never done. If anyone in the group has done this then they will have to drink up by taking a big swig of their drink. Keep going around the room until everyone at the party has had a turn unveiling all of the embarrassing things about themselves and do as many rounds as you like.

No Word of it!

Select a few common words that most guys would use during a bucks party. If anyone uses one of the words on the list that have been blacklisted then the other guys get to decide a punishment for him which can either be skulling his drink, paying a fine which goes into a fine fund that everyone has put $10 into or completing a dare. At the end of the night the team decides on who the winner is which would be the guy who got through the event without saying the banned words the most.

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