About Ava:

Ava Topless, Nude & Lingerie Waitress

Ava loves to party on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay & Sunshine Coast

Finding a friendly and reliable topless waitress on the gold coast that loves to have a good time and give people good memories can be tough.

With so many different clubs and pubs in the Gold Coast area, it’s hard to find a girl that can be trusted.

Ava is a fun, bubbly, and reliable girl who will make sure you have a great time. With her gorgeous smile, she’ll make you feel warm and welcome — she’s always up for a good time!

Our angel Ava has never left us disappointed! Ava has been with the Evotique Entertainment team for many years and has been one of our most reliable girls.

Ava works fast on her feet ensuring drinks are flowing and everyone is having a good time. She loves a good chat and has taken away some of her favourite memories from jobs at Evotique.

Adaptable to any type of party environment and always a hit with the lads, her charm and playful nature have everyone wrapped around her little finger. Ava has had impressive feedback from her clients and works in and around the Gold Coast.

Ava is Available For:

  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Tits On Toast

Frequently Asked Questions about Topless, Nude & Lingerie Waitressing in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay & Sunshine Coast

1. Is hiring topless, nude, or lingerie waitresses in these areas legal?

Yes, hiring topless, nude, or lingerie waitresses in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, and Sunshine Coast is legal, provided the services are carried out in licensed venues or private settings. However, checking with local regulations and licensing laws, especially for public venues, is essential to ensure compliance. Always confirm that the agency or individual you’re hiring operates within the legal framework.

2. Are there specific venues or events where these services are most appropriate?

Topless, nude, or lingerie waitresses are commonly hired for private events such as bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, or other private gatherings. Some licensed venues also offer themed nights where these services are provided. Communication with the venue beforehand is essential to ensure they permit such services and that the event remains respectful and professional.

3. What should I consider when hiring a waitress for such services?

When hiring a topless, nude, or lingerie waitress, it’s crucial to:
– Work with reputable agencies or individuals who have positive reviews and testimonials.
– Discuss and establish boundaries beforehand to ensure the comfort and safety of the waitress and guests.
– Remember that these waitresses are professionals. Treat them with respect and ensure that your guests do the same.
– Ensure the venue or setting is appropriate and secure.
– Confirm all costs, including potential additional fees, upfront.

Always remember that while the waitresses might be dressed provocatively or not dressed at all, they deserve the same respect and professional courtesy as any other service provider.