Becka our Brunette babe that loves to please

Becka always turns up looking like $1000 bucks! Her background in photographic modelling has assisted her in becoming the confident waitress she is.

She has charm, charisma and a friendly down to earth personality. Our natural beauty has a knack for organisation and keeps her workplace clean and tidy. Becky will ensure your evening is one to remember!

This fabulous woman loves to flirt and have fun while she works the night away. Becky is happy to travel for work and take on requested bookings if she is available.

The Melbourne Bucks Girls are ready to party! If you’re looking for the best bachelorette party experience in Melbourne, you’ll find it at Melbourne Bucks Girls.

Our team of beautiful waitresses love to have fun while working, and ensure that your bucks party is a hit with amazing girls performing and serving drinks. If you want to impress your mates, book now!

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Becka is Available For:

  • Bikini & lingerie Waitressing
  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Private Lap Dances
  • Tits On Toast

Frequently Asked Questions about Bucks Party in Melbourne

1. What activities can be arranged for a Bucks party in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers various activities suitable for Bucks parties. These include traditional bar hopping, clubbing, and dining out. For unique experiences, you can opt for go-karting, golfing, paintballing, or even a river cruise. Remember to ensure that whatever activities are chosen align with the groom’s preferences and comfort level.

2. Are there companies in Melbourne that specialise in organising Bucks parties?

Yes, Melbourne has several event companies specialising in organising Bucks parties. These companies typically offer package deals that include various activities, venues, and even transportation. However, it’s essential to read reviews, understand what’s included in the package, and clarify any specific requirements or customisations beforehand.

3. What is the best time to book venues or activities for a Bucks party in Melbourne?

It’s advisable to start planning and booking a few months in advance, especially if you’re considering popular venues or activities. This ensures you get your desired date and time and can help secure early bird discounts or promotional rates.

Remember always to prioritise the preferences and wishes of the groom-to-be when planning, as the event is ultimately a celebration in his honour.

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