French and flirtatious Chanel:

Need someone professional but also social, fun and sexy? Who knows how to make a party unforgettable? Chanel is your go to gal for any event.

Chanel would be the perfect fit for you! Lingerie model coming from France, Chanel has a taste for fashion and wears the sparkliest burlesque or hot showgirl outfits during her shows!

She will blow your mind with her gymnastic/dancing skills, with 4 years experience in exotic dancing.

Chanel is down to earth and easy going, she will make you comfortable with her real personality.
Cherry on the cake: her delicious french accent…Unforgettable party guaranteed!

You’re invited to a Bucks Party and you need a Bucks Party Waitress? You’re in luck. We have the hottest, most outgoing and friendly Bucks Party waitresses to make this the most incredible party ever. Our wait staff are experts at entertaining, organising games and just making your night so much fun. Leave all the work to us, while you have all the fun.

Chanel is Available For:

  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Poker Dealer
  • Private Lap Dances
  • Burlesque Shows

Frequently Asked Questions about Bucks Party Waitresses in Melbourne

1. What is the role of Bucks party waitresses at an event in Melbourne?

Bucks party waitresses in Melbourne are typically hired to add an element of entertainment and service to a bucks party (also known as a bachelor party). They can serve drinks, food and often engage with guests in a friendly and professional manner. Some may also perform shows or themed acts depending on the specific request of the party organizer. It’s essential to note that the role of the waitress should always be respectful, and guests should always treat them professionally.

2. Is there a dress code or theme options for the waitresses?

Yes, many companies that provide bucks party waitresses in Melbourne offer various dress codes and themes, ranging from bikini-clad waitresses to themed costumes such as French maids, nurses, or police officers. It’s always crucial to discuss and confirm the dress code or theme preference with the hiring agency to ensure the event goes as planned and everyone is comfortable with the choices.

3. Are there any legal or ethical considerations when hiring Bucks party waitresses in Melbourne?

Absolutely. Ensuring that any entertainment or service provided at a bucks party is legal and ethical is essential. In Melbourne, as in many places, there are strict regulations regarding the entertainment industry, including bucks party waitresses. Always hire from reputable agencies that ensure the well-being and rights of their staff. Furthermore, all interactions with the waitresses should be respectful and free from harassment. Consent and professional boundaries should be maintained at all times.

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