Charli Topless Waitress Sydney

She’s a Blonde Bombshell that loves a good bucks party!

Charli is an all natural Australian beauty with blonde hair, big blue eyes and natural DD’s. She has natural curves in all the right places and is 5’7

This blonde babe works hard to entertain and delight party guests. An unforgettable, fun and exciting experience is waiting for you and your guests with a Bucks Party Waitress like Charli!

Are you ready for a night of fun and laughter? Charli is always the life of the party! She prides herself in being natural, smart and all class.

Charli is bubbly and loves meeting new people. As a professional performer & singer, she knows how to work the room and provide the best entertainment. Surprise your guests with the best party ever!

When you need a professional waitress to provide food, drinks, entertainment and more for your bucks party, call the experts Evotique Entertainment to book this bombshell! She’s always available to make your event memorable & prepared with jokes, games, flirtatious fun and more!

Get ready to laugh together, drink until the sun comes up and Hire Charli today!

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Charli is Available For:

  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Poker Dealing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Tits On Toast
  • Private Lap Dances

Frequently Asked Questions about Topless Waitresses in Sydney

1. What are topless waitresses, and where can they be hired in Sydney?

Topless waitresses serve guests at events, such as bachelor parties or other adult-themed gatherings, while wearing no top or lingerie. They can be hired through various Sydney entertainment agencies catering to adult entertainment. Always ensure that the agency is reputable and follows local laws and regulations.

2. Is hiring topless waitresses in Sydney legal?

Yes, hiring topless waitresses in Sydney is legal if certain conditions are met. The venue or event where they work must be licensed for adult entertainment, and the waitresses must be of legal age, typically 18 years or older. It’s crucial to check with local regulations and ensure that the event or venue complies with all legal requirements to avoid legal issues.

3. How much does hiring a topless waitress in Sydney cost to hire?

The cost of hiring a topless waitress in Sydney can vary based on several factors, including the agency, the duration of the event, and any additional services required. On average, prices can range from $100 to $300 per hour per waitress, but it’s always best to get a direct quote from the agency or service provider for an accurate estimate.