Bucks Party showgirl Gigi

Fantastic bucks party strip shows.

Our blonde bombshell is extremely experienced and always has your best interest at heart.

You have a party coming up and no idea what to do. You quickly go to phone the first number you find but you don’t get many options as well as lack of communication from the agency which makes it become a very complicated task.

It seems like there’s always that one person who ruins the party, and you’re it! You just can’t seem to get your groove on and everyone is judging you! You want to get out of Casper ASAP because nobody’s having fun this is where you contact us to book Gigi!

Why not hire Gigi, our party dancer? She will make sure your event is a success with her natural performer personality and her jaw dropping moves. She can even dominate, if you wish for her to take the lead for the evening — she’s our queen

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GIGI is Available For:

  • Gigi Is Available For
  • R Rated Strip Shows
  • X Rated Strip Shows
  • XXX Rated Strip Shows
  • Dominatrix Strip Shows

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