About Grace:

Finding the perfect waitress like Grace for your party can be a difficult task.

You want to make sure that the waitress is friendly, down-to-earth, and can handle a bucks party with ease.

This is why Grace is the perfect waitress for your party. Grace is friendly, down-to-earth, and has experience in handling bucks parties. She’ll be able to serve you and your guests with ease and grace!

Grace is the perfect topless or nude waitress for your next party. Call us today! Our sexy little spunk with a beautiful soul! Her energy is engaging while her petite toned figure is sexy and sultry.

Grace loves any crowd type and always finds a way to break the ice! She can adapt with any type of atmosphere and ensures to always keep her eye on everyones drinks so the boys don’t have to get up! She loves to chat and have a good yarn as well so don’t be shy and spark up a convo with her at your next event.

Our playful petite lady works locally for Gold Coast bucks party waitressing.

Grace is Available For:

  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Tits On Toast