Havanah Topless Waitress Gold Coast and Melbourne

If you are hosting a Melbourne Bucks party or Gold Coast Bachelor Party then you have found the girl for your event!

My topless waitressing skills are sought after. I take care of everyone while ensuring we all have a great time!

Being a Bucks Party Waitress on the Gold Coast can be very difficult and exhausting. You have to cater to the needs of many people in a night, often with little to no breaks. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the orders and make sure everything is going smoothly, which can lead to an upset customer or two if you don’t have the right woman for the job!

Havanah is a great waitress that can cater to any event while keeping up with the crowd! she has been told that she has a lot of confidence, charisma and charm. Her proportions are always complimented on as well. She is a Megan Fox look alike with themed props and costumes that show off her curves so everyone can enjoy.

With Havanah, you’ll never have another rough night with a Bucks Party Waitress again. She is available for waitressing services such as lingerie, bikini, topless and nude waitressing not only on the Gold Coast but also in Melbourne as she travels between cities.

I want to be your party girl, hire me now!

Our Gold Coast xxx showgirls are a great addition to any bucks event!

Havanah is Available For:

  • Bikini & Lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Poker Dealing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Tits On Toast
  • Private Lap Dances