About Sage:

Sage XXX Stripper & Topless Waitress Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

All the girls want to be her, all the boys want to date her. She’s blonde, fun, outgoing and loves to put on a good show.

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Looking for a fun, outgoing, and attractive waitress to be the life of your party? Sage is the perfect gal for the job!

No matter how wild or intimate your bucks party needs are, Sage always delivers. Whether she is providing you with drinks and food or keeping you entertained through one of her many dances, Sage is a true professional. No matter what your guests’ needs are, Sage will have it covered.

Sage loves to be the centre of attention and knows she will always be in great company with her happy customers. With her beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes, she is sure to catch the eyes of everyone in the room.

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Sage is Available For: