Venus showgirl and waitress

Gold Coast babe Venus provides jaw dropping shows and waitressing service.

Venus is a fun down to earth party girl who loves to make sure everyone is having a great time! Venus has big blue eyes, long waist length brown/ blonde hair, with size F cup perfect breasts and a famous booty!

This babe is a showgirl who is well known for her famous shows! She has many hidden talents, she is a professional hula hopper and incorporates her body moves into her shows and lap dances 😉 you won’t regret booking this showgirl veteran!

Venus is Available For:

  • Bikini & lingerie Waitressing
  • Topless Waitressing
  • Nude Waitressing
  • Topless Poker Dealer
  • Tits on Toast
  • Private Lap Dances
  • R Rated Strip Shows
  • X Rated Strip Shows
  • XXX Rated Strip Shows
  • Dominatrix Strip shows
  • Lesbian Duo Strip Shows

Venus Is Available For The Shows Below:

  • R Rated Show
  • Strawberries And Cream R-rated Show
  • Xxx Toy Show 30mins
  • Xxx Dominatrix Show
  • Fruit And Veg Show
  • 45 Minute Xxx Toy Show Deluxe
  • Lesbian Duo Show With Valentina

Xxx toy show includes: lap dances for buck and for everyone in the group, whipping and light domination of the buck, I use lollipops in ways you have never seen before! The buck has a buffet of lollies and whipped cream off my body. Fire play, fully nude oil massage with body slides, piping hot candle wax, finished with 3 dildos and 2 vibrators and an intense orgasm.

Upgrade to fruit and veg which includes same show description as xxx toy show with a cucumber, carrot and banana and strawberries added to the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gold Coast Showgirls and Waitressing Services

What type of events can I hire Gold Coast showgirls or waitresses for?

Gold Coast showgirls and waitresses are typically hired for adult-themed parties such as bucks nights, birthdays, poker nights or any event that could use an element of excitement and sophistication. It’s important to ensure your event complies with local laws and regulations.

Do Gold Coast showgirls and waitresses offer different types of services?

Yes, they usually offer a variety of services to cater to different preferences and event themes. This can range from standard waitressing to topless waitressing, and from mild performances to more exotic shows. The specifics depend on the individual performer and the agency they’re associated with.

How do I book a showgirl or waitress for an event in Gold Coast?

You would generally need to contact an agency that provides these services. The agency will guide you through the selection process, answer any queries you may have, and assist you in finalising the booking. Always ensure you discuss your expectations and requirements beforehand, and remember to treat all performers with respect and professionalism.

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