FAQ's for Strippers and Topless Waitress Hire


Evotique Entertainment is an Adult Entertainment booking agency servicing events Australia Wide.

We provide a booking service for events such as bucks parties, hens parties, poker nights.



  • Female Strippers – R rated shows, X rated shows, XXX rated shows, Lesbian duo shows.
  • Topless Waitresses
  • Nude Waitresses
  • Bikini and Lingerie Waitresses
  • Poker Dealers
  • Tits On Toast (Topless, nude or lingerie breakfast cooks)
  • Male Strippers – Full Monty and G String Strippers
  • Male Topless Waiters with Long Slacks
  • Male Topless Waiters with Trunks
  • Male Topless Waiters with G string or Apron
  • Life Drawing Nude Models

We cater for bookings right up to the start of an event; we do advise to book as early in advance as possible. This will ensure you receive the entertainment of your choice. Doing a booking at the last minute may affect the amount of entertainers available for your request.

Booking is easy with Evotique Entertainment. Use the Online Booking Form to submit your details. When your booking request is received we will respond with booking instructions and photos of available entertainers.

No absolutely not! We only have a very small number of entertainers listed on the website due to privacy reasons. Most of our female entertainers are not on the site. The girls will need to submit their photos to us once we send out a booking request if they are available for the job.

Most certainly! We guarantee our valued clients will have their selected entertainment show up to the booking. We do not send replacement entertainers without any client consent. If the selected entertainers have to cancel for any reason we always provide an updated list of entertainers to re select from. If the client does not wish to proceed, we then submit a refund for that entertainer. Evotique Entertainment is owned and operated by an industry professional who has hands on experience working in the industry herself. We provide recommendations and referrals of suitable entertainers to suit your event and crowd type.

When booking a stripper, waiter or waitress it is important that we gather as much information as possible. This includes the time, date & location of the event and also any other details that we may need to relay to our entertainers.


Important information includes

  • Crowd type – If the event is mixed crowd, all male or all female?
  • Event Location – Will the event will be outdoors or on a boat?
  • Amount of time you wish to book for- How many hours you would like to book for if you are booking a waiter or waitress?
  • Time frame – Are you flexible with the time for your booking or does it need to be at a certain time?
  • Which type of show you would like to book if you are wanting to book a show?
  • Do you have a costume preference for male or female strip show?

If you are booking entertainment you must notify us if you plan to cater to patrons of the same sex as your performer or wait staff. We need to be aware of this before a booking enquiry is distributed so the entertainers know the crowd type. They will then respond accordingly to be submitted for the booking if they are comfortable with a mixed crowd. If the customer fails to notify the agency and the entertainment arrives to a mixed crowd event they may leave. You will not receive a refund on the booking deposit. We encourage all communications well in advance to avoid disappointment. This will also ensure our entertainers do not lose out on work due to a lack of communication.

We recommend having a clean and warm area for the entertainer to perform their strip routine. Generally outside is not suitable but with the go ahead from the entertainer this may be ok. Please try to consider the space your performer will need for his or her tricks and routine moves. Be sure to leave enough distance between the performance area and the seating area.

Please be aware that the winter months can be quite cold. We do not recommend hosting a party outside in the cooler months. If your wait staff is cold and uncomfortable this puts a bad mood on the entire event. No one wants to be out in the cold, freezing and struggling to do their job with very little clothing on during winter. Our entertainers wear open jackets, socks and boots with beanies and gloves if needed. This includes any sort of booking that is hosted outside in the winter months. We also advise to have gas heaters on the premises. The best option is to utilise the warm areas of a home or hotel room to host your event. this also applies to any male or female performer if you are booking a strip show.

Generally, the waitresses and the show girls fall under 2 different categories. The waitresses Waitress and the Showgirls do Shows. It is best to book any strip show well in advance as the show girls do get booked out very fast. To avoid disappointment, we advise to lock in your show girl before the event. We can do our best to provide you with options of waitresses who can do lap dances & R rated shows but very minimal do xxx shows.

If the entertainers do not have any other bookings locked in then yes, they can extend if they wish to do so. Booking extensions are subject to the entertainer’s rate of pay which is payable to them.

Evotique Entertainment offer packages to suit every type of event. We cater for small crowds such as poker games and also larger parties with a larger number of patrons. To save our valued customers some pocket change which can be put towards more alcohol and more fun we offer suggestions on packages HERE

Evotique Entertainments strippers do their best to cater for requests and generally have a couple of outfits to choose from. If you are wanting to book a specific outfit please enquire and we will endeavour to source your request to our best ability. Please keep in mind that most of our performers have pre composed routines to specific songs with co ordinating outfits. Changing the outfit could throw out the routine and the theme it’s choreographed to.

When booking any sort of show or waitressing service it’s important that we secure a deposit. This will ensure your selected entertainer does not become unavailable. We require a deposit once the client has decided on their booking preference and we urge to pay this immediately. The deposit amount will vary depending on the booking & will be provided with booking instructions.

We accept direct transfer with payment receipt or Credit Card for deposits. After the deposit is paid we can ensure your selected entertainment is locked in for the event & secure.

The remaining amount of payment is payable to the entertainer on arrival before commencing their shift. We ask that you please have the correct cash amount for each entertainer ready and in a safe place. A good idea is to use envelopes labelled accordingly for each entertainer to collect.

We will endeavour to ensure each booking is confirmed to suit your arrangements. Please keep in mind that once a booking is confirmed the entertainers have locked this in to their diary’s. Due to further confirmed bookings for that day & night we cannot re arrange bookings after confirmation. Our entertainers are very popular, and their schedules are full over the weekend. If we are able to change the booking with the entertainers that you have booked this will incur a $30 administration fee. We will need to amend the booking on many databases. This includes our calendar system, re confirming with the entertainers and updated confirmations of amended booking to the client.

Evotique Entertainment give a 100% guarantee that you will receive the selected entertainers of your choice. Evotique Entertainment do not send alternative performers. In the event of any staff cancellations or emergencies we notify the client immediately. We then provide choices of a replacement from a new composed list of available entertainers. Under no circumstances do we substitute staff without client consent like most other booking agencies would do.

Depending on the amount of patrons expected it is advised to have 1 waitress or waiter for every 5-7 patrons. This will ensure that drinks are evenly distributed & conversation is manageable with those who wish to have a chat. your booked entertainment is able to assist with keeping the kitchen and common areas clean as they work. Please advise if you are hosting an event with a large number of patrons. This sort of environment can be quite stressful for one contractor to take on solo. Please be diligent to inform us of crowd numbers when booking for your event to avoid any complications.

Please be advised that your selected entertainment is advised to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before their shift commences. This is not always the case given other bookings and traffic which needs to be taken into consideration. The entertainers will phone off a private number if they are going to be late advising the ETA. Please ensure you answer all calls and have your phone near by on loud. If the entertainer is late they will MUST back and make up any lost time they have incurred.

Please be ready to meet in the lobby if you are staying in a hotel or welcome the entertainer out the front of the premises if needed. Before the shift commences payment is made in cash in private such as a room away from other attendees.

Most of our entertainers do have professional careers outside the adult entertainment industry. This includes families and a personal life which they do not need violated. For most this is a secondary income and a job that they do for fun. Please keep in mind if you are wanting to take photos or videos that you will need to ask and ensure they are ok with it. If a specific waitress or showgirl is ok with photos it does not mean that the rest of them will be comfortable with it. Please be respectful so that everyone has a good time and the rules are not broken which would ruin the night. The same rules apply for the male topless waiters and the male strippers, but this is a little more lenient. In no way are any patrons permitted to touch the entertainers unless they have permission.
Any inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated. The entertainers will leave o leave the premisses immediately if the rules are broken. You will not be issued a refund so please be mindful of everyones behaviour. Please ensure that whoever is booking the entertainment ensures everyone is aware of the rules to avoid any problems.

If there are any other questions you may have please feel free to contact us for information