Frequently asked questions


What service does your company provide?

Evotique Entertainment is a booking agency so we provide a service that books the entertainment for parties and events such as bucks parties, hens parties, poker nights, work Christmas functions and break up parties and much more. Evotique Entertainment provide Strippers both male and female ranging from R rated shows to xxx shows which consist of toy shows, dominatrix shows, fruit and veg shows and much more then also xxx duo shows are available for those who are a little more on the wild side! Bikini waitresses, lingerie waitresses, topless waitresses and nude waitresses along with promotional models, hostesses, topless poker dealers also available in lingerie or nude and fun loving golf caddy girls. We also provide male waiters with options of long slacks and bow ties, trunks or shorts and for those who like to see a little more cheek g string or apron.

Evotique Entertainment also provide a range of other services such as arm candy for those who would like some company out on the town perhaps for a night of clubbing with the boys or even a more tame night of dinner and a few drinks. However please keep in mind his is not an escorting service, strictly for company only. Evotique entertainment also provide Lingerie, topless and nude house cleaners, sexy secretary’s to assist with those tedious office tasks you may need a hand with. Our stunning ladies are available for private corporate bookings in lingerie, topless or nude attire.

Have a birthday and need a cake delivered? Evotique Entertainment have it sorted! Choose one of our glamorous girls or handsome hunks to hand deliver a birthday cake to the birthday boy or girl! This is a great idea for a sexy little birthday surprise.

Have a few jobs to do around the house? Hire one of our hunks to help you take care of those tedious tasks. Evotique Entertainment have a wide range of staff with tradesman skills to assist with any of those jobs you may prefer to pass on. Our guys can be booked as topless tradesman with the option of long jeans, trunks or even a g string perhaps if your needing a hand cleaning the pool!


How far in advance should i book a topless waitress or stripper for my event?

Evotique Entertainment cater for bookings right up to the start of an event, however we do advise to book as early in advance as possible to ensure you receive the entertainment of your choice. The later a booking is left may effect the extent of staff available for your request.


How do I book a stripper, waiter or waitress for my party?

Booking is made easy with Evotique Entertainment. Simply follow our booking guide to enquire and once your booking request is received we will endeavour to respond asap including any relevant information for your reference. Just follow the link and once completed click submit, this will automatically be sent to our email. You can find the booking form on the following link


Do I get to choose the entertainment for my party?

Most certainly! Evotique Entertainment will send out a staff booking enquiry after gathering all the relevant information for your event, we then compose an email or txt message including photos of all of our available entertainers with the cost and booking instructions. We guarantee our valued clients will have their selected entertainment show up to the booking. We do not send replacement staff without any client consent, if their selected entertainment can not attend we always provide an updated list of entertainers who are available. If the client does not wish to proceed we then submit a refund for that entertainer. Evotique Entertainment is owned and operated with an industry professional who has hands on experience with a substantially large number of staff & competent to provide recommendations and referrals of suitable entertainers to suit your event and crowd type.


How do I know which entertainers will be available for my event?

When booking a stripper, waiter or waitress it is important that we gather as much information as possible including the time, date & location of the event and also any other details that we may need to relay to our entertainers such as the crowd type –  if the event is mixed crowd, all male or all female and also if the event will be held outdoors or on a boat. We also need to know how many hours you would like to book for if you are booking a waiter or waitress or which type of show you would like to book if you are wanting to book a show and what costume if you have a preference for male or female strip show. We have made it easy for you and included all of our female strip show descriptions on our pricing page which is located on the following link


Can I book a stripper, waitress or waiter for a party that consist of the same sex crowd?

If you are booking entertainment with Evotique you must notify us if you plan to cater to patrons of the same sex as your performer or wait staff. This must be made aware before a booking enquiry is distributed to the contractors so they are aware and can respond accordingly to be submitted for the booking if they are comfortable with this. If the customer fails to notify the agency and the entertainment arrives they are permitted to leave and you will not receive a refund on the booking deposit. We encourage all communications to be made well in advance to avoid disappointment and also to avoid our entertainers loosing out on work due to a lack of communication.


Can we book a stripper to do a show outside?

We recommend having a clean and warm area for the entertainer to perform her strip routine, generally outside is not suitable however with the go ahead from the stripper this may be ok. Please try to consider the space your show girl will need for her tricks and routine so be sure to leave enough distance between the performance area and the seating for the patrons.


What If I book a waitress or waiter in winter?

Please be aware that the winter months can be quiet cold. We do not recommend hosting a party outside, If your wait staff is cold and uncomfortable this puts a bad mood on the entire event. No one wants to be out in the cold freezing and struggling to do their job with barely any clothing on during winter. Evotique Entertainment do have a policy in place that our staff are permitted to wear open jackets, socks and boots with beanies and gloves if needed for any sort of booking that is hosted outside in the winter months and we also advise to have gas heaters on the premises but would strongly advise to utilise the warm areas of a home or hotel room to host your event. this also applies to any male or female performer if you are booking a strip show.


Can we get our waitress to perform a xxx show?

Generally the waitresses and the show girls fall under 2 different categories so it is best to book a show well in advance as the show girls do get booked out fast. The waitresses also have back to back bookings over the weekend and do not have much time to spare for other services. To avoid disappointment we advise to lock in your show girl before the event. We can do our best to provide you with options of waitresses who can do lap dances and also some of our waitresses can perform R rated shows but very minimal will do a xxx toy show.


Will our entertainment stay longer if we decide to continue the booking?

If the contractors you have on the booking do not have any other bookings for that day or night then yes they can extend their booking time if they wish to do so. Any booking extensions are also subject to the performers rate of pay which is payable to the entertainer on the event.


If I am booking a considerable amount of entertainment will I get a discount?

Evotique Entertainment offer packages to suit every party. We cater for small crowds such as poker games and also larger parties with a larger number of patrons. To save our valued customers some pocket change which can be put towards more alcohol and more fun we have come up with some packages which may be valuable to many of our clients.

All of our packages are located on the following link


If we are booking a strip show are we able to choose the outfit?

All of Evotique Entertainments male and female strippers do their best to cater for the clients request and generally have a couple of outfits to choose from for their routines. If you are wanting to book a specific outfit please enquire with us and we will endeavour to source your request to our best ability. Please keep in mind that most of our performers have pre composed routines to specific songs with co ordinating outfits so changing the theme of the outfit could possibly throw out the entire routine and the theme it is choreographed to.


When and how do I make payment for my booking?

When booking any sort of entertainment weather it be a female topless waitress, topless waiter, bikini model or a female or male strip show It is important that we secure a deposit to ensure your selected entertainment does not become unavailable. A deposit is required once the client has decided on their booking preference and we urge to pay this immediately.

the deposit is generally around 20% of the booking total which will be advised with booking instructions upon booking with the option of a direct transfer and deposit receipt screenshot required for evidence or CC payments are accepted with a 2.4% surcharge.

After the deposit is made Evotique Entertainment can ensure your selected entertainment is locked in for the event & secure.

The remaining amount of payment is payable to the entertainer on arrival before commencing their shift. We advise to have the correct cash amount for each entertainer ready and in a safe place such as an envelope labelled accordingly for each entertainer to collect.


Can I change my booking after I have received the confirmation and what are the charges?

We will always endeavour to ensure your booking is made to suit your arrangements, however please keep in mind that once a booking is confirmed that the entertainers have locked this in to their diary’s and do have further confirmed bookings for that day & night in which they can not change. Generally our contractors are extremely popular and their schedules are full over the weekend. If we are able to change the booking with the entertainer / entertainment that you have booked this will incur a $30 administration fee as we will need to amend the booking on a number of databases including our calendar system, re confirming with the entertainment you have booked an also submitting new confirmations of amended booking with the client.


What happens if the selected or preferred entertainment becomes unavailable?

Evotique Entertainment give a 100% guarantee that you will receive the selected staff of your choice. Evotique Entertainment do not send alternative staff which have not been chosen by the client. In the event of any staff cancellations or emergencies we notify the client immediately and you will be given choices of a replacement from a new composed list of available entertainers. Under no circumstances do we substitute staff without client consent like most other booking agencies would do.


How many waitresses or waiters should I book for my event?

Depending on the amount of patrons expected it is advised to have 1 waitress or waiter for every 5-7 patrons. This will ensure that drinks are evenly distributed, conversation is manageable with those who wish to have a chat with the entertainment and our contractors are able to assist with cleaning as they work. If you are hosting a large event and do not notify the agency this may result in the entertainer leaving as they were not informed about the large number of patrons present. This sort of environment can be quiet stressful for one contractor to take on solo. Please be diligent to inform us of crowd numbers when booking for your event to avoid any complicaitons.


What happens when our entertainment arrives?

Please be advised that your selected entertainment is advised to arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to their shift commencing. However this is not always the case given other bookings and traffic which needs to be taken into consideration. Our staff are advised to phone the client off a private number if they are going to be late to notify them on their ETA so please ensure you answer all calls and have your phone near by on loud.

If the entertainer is late they will stay back and make up any lost time they have incurred.

Please be ready to meet in the lobby if you are staying in a hotel or welcome the entertainer out the front if there may be any locked gates. Before the shift commences payment is to be made preferably in private such as a room away from other attendees.


Can we take photos with the strippers and waitresses or touch them?

Most of our entertainers do have other professional careers outside the adult entertainment industry as well as families and a personal life which they do not need violated. For most this is a secondary income and a job that they do for fun so please keep in mind if you are wanting to take any photos or videos that you will need to ask the entertainer and ensure they are happy with it. This does not apply for all the other entertainers if one of the waitresses or show girls is ok with photos being taken so please be respectful so that everyone has a good time and no one is upset which would ruin the night. The same rules apply for the male topless waiters and the male strippers however this is a little more lenient given the guys walk around shirtless anyway. In no way are any patrons permitted to touch the entertainers, if any of our contractors are touched or grabbed inappropriately or without permission they are permitted to leave the premisses immediately and you will not be issued a refund. Please ensure that whoever is booking the entertainment and organising the party that they make everyone present aware of these rules to avoid any problems.

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