Are you looking for an amazing and entertaining Gold Coast Stripper?

With your senses running high and imagination going wild, are you ready for some excitement? We have an experienced and talented array of Gold Coast Strippers for any event!


Whether it be a tame G-string strip show or an X-rated xxx toy show, we have many to select from!

Every Gold Coast Bucks Party is Different. We like to assist when it comes to finding the right show for your event. Some parties are tame and some are wild. Booking the right stripper is important. You don’t want Dad or Grandad getting any unexpected surprises! Make sure you cover every detail and option.


Every stripper has her own routine, outfit and music for each show. There are R rated G-string and nude shows ranging all the way to xxx lesbian duo shows. If you are looking for a strip show to suit a younger crowd like an 18th birthday we have some options. Every show is a memorable strip that you will not forget and can include the following.

· Straight G-String Strip

· Straight Nude Strip

· Lollipop Strip

· Bubble Bath Strip

· Strawberries and Cream Strip

All these shows are great for a tame party or even suited for a 50th birthday. If you are hosting a Bucks night and want to turn it up a notch, there are other options to select from such as

· Self-masturbation show

· XXX toy / vibe show

· Fruit & veggie show

· Dominatrix show

The XXX toy show includes sex toys and fun. The Stripper performs a sexy routine before she gets her toys out. Shooting vibrators and guest involvement is part of the show. The man of honour will get lots of special attention from the show girl.

A popular show performed by the Gold Coast Strippers is the XXX dominatrix show! If you want a good laugh, then this is the right show to book for your bucks party! Watch while he gets dominated and humiliated with whips, paddles and gags. This type of show will leave a few battle scars so make sure you are ready for some good hard-core humiliation!

If you have never seen what a Gold Coast Stripper can do with a range of fruit and vegetables, then try the xxx fruit & veggie show! This show includes a sexy strip routine and instead of toys she opts for something healthier! This show is like the xxx toy show but using real fruit and veggies.

There are great options for every type of event with our experienced Strippers on the Gold Coast. Our Female Strip Shows page has a list of shows. You will need to contact us for pricing as this is dependent on the entertainer.


There are many events for which you can hire an exotic Gold Coast dancer.

As long as everyone is respectful, there are no problems in booking the performer. It is a good idea to ensure your event has a private closed off area to cater to the show. If there are any open windows or doors, it is also a good idea to shut them all and avoid your party getting shut down.

Some popular celebrations include the following

· Gold Coast Bucks Parties

· Brisbane Bucks Parties

· Byron Bay Bucks Parties

· Logan Bucks Parties

· Sunshine Coast Bucks Parties

· Poker nights

· Boating Cruises ( if permitted)

· Birthday Celebrations

· Divorce Parties

· Work Christmas Parties


The more erotic and hard-core shows by the Gold Coast Strippers include the following.

· Fisting strip show

· Greek strip show

· Lesbian duo show

· Tag team lesbian duo show

Should you be having a bit of a crazy celebration and you want to make sure it is going to be an unforgettable experience. These shows will leave you with many out of the ordinary memories! Keep in mind to make sure the crowd is comfortable with the content of these shows before booking. The fisting show involves some more extreme entertainment! Watch the unbelievable while your stripper performs a raunchy yet dirty show! The Greek show is a naughty strip show with toys and anal beads! This show has a lot of anal penetration and crowd involvement! The Greek show also has an upgrade if you are game!

The Gold Coast Strippers Lesbian Duo is always a hit for a big party! This show will have all the boys wanting more. Both girls do a sexy strip routine together and perform girl on girl action before the toys are out! Double enders, pearls, fire and ice may be some of the included options

If the xxx Lesbian Duo is still not enough you can opt for the one-hour tag team duo! That’s right, one full hour of erotic girl on girl action! The tag team show is much like the standard duo and includes crowd involvement and more. The difference with this show is that each girl performs a solo strip, before they get hot and heavy! Expect sex toys, double enders and more!


Yes by all means, we aim to cater to every type of crowd, budget and nature of the event.

Our Gold Coast Strippers have different outfits so you are able to ask us if you would like a specific type. Should you have parents attending a bucks party and you would like to keep it tame, let us know! We can ensure to include any information for the girls. Performances to suit the crowd. If the guest of honour has any special needs, we can always make sure we do our best to cater to them.

We do shows for everyone with no discrimination. Our Gold Coast Strippers can amend their show routines to suit. We will make sure the guest of honour is well taken care of! We have provided strip shows for a range of guests throughout the years. Including those with a disability or as a result of an injury, the girls will always be mindful and take care of you!


The dancers will travel to outskirt areas with a travel rate in most cases. If you have an event in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, generally there will be no travel rates if the girls are local. Should the entertainers be required to spend time traveling, they will let us know. We then put all travel rates forward with photos of the dancers. We do not take any part of the travel rate as this gets paid direct to the entertainer. Some girls may request $30 and some may request $100, it depends on the entertainer and the event location.


Finding a Stripper can be a little difficult, especially when you are doing it for the first time. We have a few tips to help you make the process as easy as possible.

Figure out what your budget is.

There are a wide range of strip shows on the Gold Coast, with each show priced according to the show’s content.

Giving us an idea of how much you want to spend will help to narrow down the type of strip show that will fit your budget.

Plan in advance.

The more notice you give us the better! A wider variety of girls will be available if you plan your event in advance and not leaving it to the last minute.

The industry does not have an enormous number of professionals. This means that entertainers do work for various agencies and freelance. Some of our popular exotic dancers get booked out months in advance.

Read the terms & conditions.

When hiring a Gold Coast Stripper be aware that there are certain terms and conditions to adhere to. Some companies may hide these policies or not make them easy to find. Remember that the girls do request deposits and there are booking fees. Some of these fees may not be refundable if you change your mind.

Make sure you have the details finalised.

Speak with your party and ensure you have finalised event details. Once you make a booking it is hard to change a date. The Gold Coast Strippers have other jobs they have booked in to do. If you decide you want to change details of the booking there may be fees.

Agree with your party before booking.

Make sure that the rest of the party are happy with your choice. Once you have booked a girl, she will then put it into her diary and is then committed to performing the show.

Take note of the Entertainers profile.

Are wanting to book a Gold Coast Waitress that offers other services? Some girls will offer lap dances or motorboats. This does come at extra costs and not every girl will list this on her profile. Read the profile as well as looking at the photos before booking.


  • If you plan to have a stripper you must treat her with the utmost respect. All patrons must be aware of the rules before she begins her show.
  • Provide the entertainer with a private and comfortable room to get ready. She will need to organise her outfit, props and more. Please give the stripper space and privacy.
  • Ensure you pay the stripper in private before she begins the show. Always have the money ready to prevent wasting time. A suggestion is to put the correct cash in an envelope with her name on it. You can also do the same for any other entertainment you have booked. This is a great way to save time and stay organised.
  • While your show girl is preparing it is a good idea to make room for the performance and have seating arranged. Ensure she has good space to perform and windows and doors closed for privacy. Many hotels or hire houses do not accept strip shows and have strong rules.

Ensuring the view from other properties gets blocked would be advisable.

Every show girl will let you know her rules. She will make it clear what is and what is not acceptable. The stripper will only give you one warning for unruly or inappropriate behaviour. If anyone breaks these rules she will leave! Everyone wants to have a good time and enjoy the show. If all patrons behave there is no doubt your stripper will put on a fantastic show!

While you are enjoying the show, your stripper will make sure that there is fun crowd interaction. Do not touch or grab your stripper. If she gives permission, then touching is acceptable in appropriate areas. Respect that she is there to perform a show and not to get violated in any way. While the show is on, ensure that everyone keeps their phones away. Photos or snap chats are not allowed during the show. If the stripper advises that it is ok to take photos, then that is her decision. Generally, the girls do not permit photos.

After the show is over give your stripper a clean area to get dressed and pack up. We recommend a room with a bathroom so she can wash off and clean up to get ready for her next show. Please let the patrons know to give her space as they are on a tight schedule and have to get to other bookings. The show girls cannot spend time chatting. We recommend to hire a Topless Waitress if you want some company. The waitresses also serve drinks for the lads.


The easiest way to hire a Stripper for your party is to use the online booking form or contact us on 0422 362 698. Filling in the booking form gives us exactly every detail we need. When all the booking information is sent to us, we will see which of our performers are available for your event.

As our performers respond to the booking information, we will get back to you with their details. You then choose which Stripper and Strip show you would like to book !

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