Special Hens party ideas with Evotique Entertainment!

Are you looking for some hens party ideas for your next Gold Coast or Brisbane Hens party with Evotique Entertainment? We have put together a list of games and activities to spice up your hens party and have fun with your topless waiters from Evotique Entertainment. Speak to us now!

Pin the tail on the D*%k on the man! – you can pick one of these games up at most adult stores. this is a fun and entertaining game which will have everyone at your hens party in hysterics!

Does she really know him? – how well does the hen know her husband to be? You will need to discuss these questions with the groom and have it organised before the hens party commences, make sure you include some real jokers!

Here are some suggestions to get you started

Where and how did the hen and her husband to be first meet?


What is the hens husband to be’s worst habbit?

What is the husband to be’s favourite food?

Name a time the hen has been angry with her husband to be for something he did?

Who is the cleaner person in the relationship?

Sex Bingo – Everyone in the hens party receives a bingo card, every time one of your numbers is called out you mark it off as yell out a noise or word you would make when having sex, when you have a full card you yell out “Im comming!”

Fake the O – Everyone has to have a drink in their hand, the hen starts by nominating one of her guests to start the game by yelling out and sharing their best fake orgasm. Each time someone completes the fake O everyone takes a drink and nominates another person as you go around the group

Create a wedding dress out of toilet paper! – Each person at the party has to team up with a partner – if there are odd numbers there can be one group of 3. Using toilet paper one person of each pair has to put together their best looking wedding dress! you can get creative and add other bits and pieces for this. After each team has finished they then swap places. The bride to be will choose the winner! If you want to include prizes for this game to make it fun would also be a good idea.

Prosecco pong – This hens party game is fun to play as an alternative to Beer pong! This will definitely get the party started 🙂 use 6 plastic prosecco glasses on each side of the table lined up in a line of 3,2 and 1 at the front then fill them with prosecco or alcohol of your choice and take turns in 2 different teams of 1+ players to throw a ping pong ball aiming to get it in one of the glasses. If one team member sinks the ball then the other team must drink that glass of liquor the ball has landed in. The team to empty all the glasses first wins!

Naughty Moulding – All you need for this game is play-doh! You can either play this game in teams or individually. Everyone in the hens party receives some play-doh, then follow a list of various body parts to get each person or team to mould. You can have this game be as tame or risqué as you please, this game is fun to play after everyone has settled in and had a few drinks.

Nicknames for the Hen and her chicks! – Everyone is to come up with nicknames for the hen and all her guests and the reason for that nickname. If you want to make the game more fun you can turn it into a drinking game, and for anyone who forgets and calls another guest her real name instead of her nickname has to take a drink or a shot.
Marshmallow challenge – Silly yet funny this game is sure to crack a laugh from the party! You will need to buy a few bags of marshmallows… everyone is to put as many marshmallows as possible in their mouth and say the word “ejaculation” without biting the marshmallows. You may not want to eat marshmallows again but you will get a laugh out of it.

Memory lane – This game is great for recapping the bride to be’s past and for anyone else who doesn’t know her as well. Before the party starts ask everyone how they first met the hen and to write it on a piece of paper. Put them all into a hat or glass and get the bride to take them out and read the memory out loud for everyone to guess which friend wrote it. Make sure all the guests are aware they can make it as funny and embarrassing as they want!

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