How to get the party started with Topless Waiters Gold Coast

Have you got a big event coming? Hoping it’s not a flop?
We hear that the best party starters are the Topless Waiters Gold Coast offers. Our professional topless waiters are the perfect surprise addition to a hens, birthday party or any celebration! To add some extra fun and delight to your event, hiring a topless waiter will keep your guests entertained for hours on end.

Evotique Entertainment offers an exciting range of male topless waiters from buff blonde babes to hunky strong and handsome brunette men. It doesn’t matter if your next event is at a private residence or an Airbnb apartment, Evotique Entertainment can cater to your needs and take the headache out of your party entertainment organization. By organizing a sexy topless waiter or waiters to come and serve you drinks, play games and keep the party high energy, your guests are sure to have a fun and unforgettable time! Imagine a boat party, cruising along the canals and waterways of the Gold Coast with a handsome waiter in trunks serving your party drinks and canapés all night.

If you prefer some old fashioned bungee smugglers for your event and would like this to be the attire for your waiters this will be a great way to get the giggles up with the ladies! Our topless waiters have great banter and always prove to be a fantastic addition to any hens party or celebration! If you’ll be hosting some nibbles and drinks, a topless waiter in an apron would be a great choice! At Evotique Entertainment we always give our clients the option of which topless waiter they would like to select and guarantee they receive the staff of their selection. If you are wanting to plan a night of games and hens party traditions having a topless waiter to assist can most definitely come in handy and add some excitement for everyone.

Our shirtless barman can also whip up a few amazing cocktails for the hen and her chicks! If you are wanting to make sure everyone is relaxed and ready to hit some of the popular Gold Coast Glitter strips bars and nightclubs for a wild night on the town its a great idea to start with a topless waiter serving cocktails! The topless waiters at Evotique Entertainment are happy to participate in any sort of activity you may have planned weather it be a wine tasting tour up Mount Tamborine, a day of Lawn bowls, serving drinks while you lay around the pool in the sunshine or even a Limousine transfer tour to get you to your destination. If you have planned canapés and bubbly, our topless waiters are a fantastic way to serve the snacks and keep the drinks flowing.

Our Professional topless waitresses are there to ensure you have everything catered for and looked after. Our staff will help prepare drinks and food, tidy up, prepare cocktails if requested, get involved with any activities you have planned for the buck and the party, give the guest of honor lots of attention and make sure you have a night or day to remember!

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