IV Revive Services

Evotique Entertainment have teamed up with I Refresh & Cryo Australia to bring you post celebration treatments to have you feeling 100% in no time!

Celebrating should be an enjoyable experience and lets face it – no one wants to endure the post party feels of hangovers, throbbing heads and queazy stomachs while you lay in bed regretting the night before! This is why we are happy to bring our customers an effective and powerful treatment to assist your recovery and have you enjoying the remainder of your weekend without the sore head & regret. Booking is easy, just let us know the location, date and time & we can have it all organised for you!

Are you feeling hungover from your night out, tired from a workout or exhausted from jetlag? Do you need a lifeline to help you get through the day? Whatever the case may be, we can help boost your energy levels to get your body back to its optimum level. iRefresh is a leading provider of health and wellness treatments. Providing signature IV infusions and vitamin booster shots in a social environment and are the latest clinic in Brisbane to give traditional medical treatment a modern twist.

IV therapy infusions cover a variety of wellness needs by replenishing hydration, providing hangover relief, aiding recovery from illness, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshing your appearance, and revitalising your overall wellness. The IV therapy treatments work to flush out toxins in your body and are 100% absorbed into your bloodstream. We guarantee you’ll leave our clinic feeling rejuvenated in just as little as 30-45 minutes.

IV Therapy is a popular trend among celebrities and was once seen to be exclusive only to the rich and famous. IV treatments have now been made accessible and affordable for all individuals, iRefresh has a wide range of vitamin concoctions that are great for your health and keep your body hydrated. 

Minimum group bookings 4+ we can have a qualified practitioner come out to a hotel within the 10km radius. Group bookings of 4 plus would also have 15% discount to the clients. All injections are intravenous except for the vitamin b12 which is intramuscular.  All sessions will roughly take 30-45 mins, a very fast effective non pharmaceutical way for customers to feel fresh after there celebrations.

Experience the innovative treatments delivered within our iRefresh vitamin lounge. iRefresh is modern hydration & nutritional therapy via infusions and vitamin boosters. IV infusions successfully treat anything from jet lag, stress, Vitamin deficiencies and hangovers to acute and chronic conditions.

Flush harmful toxins, balance nutrient levels and refresh your appearance. IV infusions and vitamin boosters achieve and maintain optimum wellness and revive you in the fastest and safest way possible.



iv revive




Simple Hydration        $95

Besides restoring hydration, Irefresh’s Simply Hydration therapy is a popular choice for those suffering from a hangover. The IV solution delivers minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes to detoxify the body and relive headaches, lack of energy and nausea.

Myers Cocktail          $220

Myers Cocktail contains high dose of Vitamin C coupled with minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes aimed to boost the immune system, detoxify the body and increase strength and energy. Best for Maintain Good Health & Wellness, strengthening immune system, detoxification and jet lag

Energy boost            $195

The elements of life can leave you susceptible to feeling run down. While iRefresh’s Energy Boost replenishes your body’s hydration level it also adds vital minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and vitamins. Best for fatigue, hangover relief, recovery from illness, dehydration and jetlag

Vitamin B12             $60

Refresh’s Vitamin B12 injections deliver the replenishing vitamin to the body, helping improve brain and nervous system functionality and boost the immune system.
iRefresh’s Vitamin B12 injection is a great way to overcome cold and flu symptoms, enhance weight loss, increase energy levels, relieve hangover symptoms, and make you feel more alert.

Hydro Detox  $195

Hydro Detox is formulated to replenish hydration while improving liver and brain functionality. The mineral and vitamin infusion consists of high dose Glutathione, known as ‘The Mother of Antioxidants’. Hydro detox strengthens the immune system and assists in liver detoxification. 
Please contact us via Email to book any IV service info@evotiqueentertainment.com.au