The private bucks party strippers offer a wide range of shows to select from. With a selection of options to choose from, you will most certainly find the right type of show to suit your event & budget.

Why waste money at a strip club or bar when you have an array of strip shows to select from offering in house Adult Entertainment!

Please keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the location, availability & demand. Inner city parties are easier to service then rural areas. Contact us via phone or online for photos of available strippers.

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Lap dances are generally offered by the topless waitresses which provide drinks services at the parties they are booked at. The cost generally starts at $50 a song upwards depending on the length + attire.

What’s a party without a lappy? Many patrons book the topless waitresses for lap dances along with surprising their buddies especially with an unexpected show. Most of the lap dances are done in private where the partygoer will sit on a bed or chair while the girl performs the show.

Generally the girl will explain the rules and also offer options of a g string or totally naked. Suited for both bachelors and birthday boys, every lap dance experience is undoubtedly a great one. Please keep in mind this is not an open leg show.

 Waitressing bookings require 2 hours minimum. Friday & Saturday nights are busy & book out fast. Hire your waitress early to avoid disappointment.

R RATED STRIP | Price $350 + | 15- 20 mins approx

Particularly a great choice for mixed crowds and 18th to 21st birthday celebrations, this show doesn’t include toys or penetration. This is a flirtatious & much enjoyed performance where the girls involve the crowd, give the guest of honour lots of attention.

The exotic dancer performs a g string strip or full nude (this is the customers choice). The routine is put together with matching music and a cute outfit. Choose between g string or r rated.

$100 agency payment + $250 to the showgirl 

Prices may vary depending on location

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM | Price $450 | 20 mins approx

Involving open leg action this number will involve the man of the hour and include his friends so no one is left out. Each strip starts with a captivating routine while the stunning dancer takes off her clothes next she starts to involve the guests whilst she displays an erotic spectacular.

To top off the nude performance your sexy bucks stripper invites the buck himself to enjoy a sweet desert of strawberries & cream directly from her stunning body.

$150 agency payment + $300 to the showgirl

Prices may vary depending on location

BUBBLE BATH | Price $450 | 20 mins approx

As well as enjoying the perks of the R show, this wet & wild open leg show includes a slippery ending. The kissable strippers seductively dances to a themed assortment of songs whilst she slowly removes her clothing.

As the show goes on and she is ready to take a bath, the guests and of course the bachelor may be required to assist in the steamy spectacular with attention to offering a friendly hand with the hard to reach places.

$150 agency payment + $300 to the showgirl

Prices may vary depending on location

DOMINATRIX | Price $550 | 20- 30 mins approx

Not for the faint hearted this strip show is lots of fun & popular for parties of all types. We could say the Dom show is bound to make you gag! That’s right, from whips to gags, leather & latex this show has it all. You won’t find a lady like this in a bar!

Bucks parties have favoured this epic strip show as an attempt to punish their mate and leave him scarred. This full nude open leg striptease cannot be found in a club not to mention has been rated as one of the most enjoyable entertainment options by groomsmen all over NSW.

Just as most strips begin, this act commences with a sexy dance coupled with a fierce latex outfit & props. The female stripper shows off her suggestive body while seductively moving to the music.

Bit by bit the gorgeous bucks party stripper begins to remove her clothes stripping down to a nude. Once all of her items have been removed she turns up the heat by including the guest of honour and punishing him as promised.

Bachelor party guests will definitely love this act as they witness their mate bent over on the other end of a paddle!

$150 agency payment + $300 to the showgirl

Prices may vary depending on location

X RATED TOY SHOW | Price $500 | 20 mins – 30 min

As well as a fantastic strip this type of performance involves the special guest and includes his friends. The dancer puts on a thrilling performance before removing her outfit and that’s where the eye opening action begins! 

Next the private dancer reveals her toys including a range of vibes, dildos, whips, candles, wax and more. This is one of the most popular bucks party nude strip performance involving lots of hot stimulating xxx action!

Lesbian Duo Shows are also available. The Duo partners perform a choreographed show in sync while displaying a full girl on girl spectacular. 

$150 agency payment + $350 to the showgirl

Prices may vary depending on location

X RATED SHOW WITH DOM | Price $550 | 20 mins – 30 min

If you want friendly you have come to the wrong type of show! With of course attention to the bucks, there will be without a doubt a lot of dominating & humiliation!

Yes and of course the lads will be included, this show is more so about domination however is certainly a fun show that will please the guests if they want to watch their mate suffer!

The Stripper gets down to a g string after displaying a sensual dance while including toys and penetration that will unquestionably have a lot of positive feedback.

The X Rated Dom show includes some pretty cool props without a doubt! From gimp masks to gags, whips, leather and latex it is surely a great choice if you want to give your mate a few battle scars!

$150 agency payment + $400 to the showgirl

Prices may vary depending on location

exotic dancer posing with hand on butt cheeck



Of course this is one of our most popular duo performances! The spot spot double show includes 2 beautiful dancers with 3 very impressive shows! Thats right not 1, not 2 but 3 awesome strip shows!

Each entertainers will perform an individual R rated strip for the crowd to enjoy. While the partygoers relax and get excited by the hot strip show performance each girl will slowly remove her outfit right down to her heels & nothing else.

Finally! The girls start to spice things up a bit and put on a special show for the bucks. Each stripper gets down and dirty exploring one another while the guests enjoy the show. Simultaneously the girls offer a grand finale spectacular which we can definitely recommend as a crowd favourite.

From Sydney to the Central Coast, we have an array of customers admitting that this performance has made the night nothing but one to remember!

$300 agency payment + $450 to each show girl

Prices may vary depending on location


Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining & racy lesbian performances this is not to be missed! Two hot babes perform solo shows followed by a third xxx show performed simultaneously.

Each solo act is choreographed especially by the dancer so there will be a wide variety of moves followed by an epic joint striptease where both girls not only play with their toys but also with each other.

Unquestionably an award winning choice! Tasteful yet naughty in addition with 2 sexy strippers there will be a lot of nudity after stripping off to topless. The guests will watch in awe while witnessing both exotic dancers provoking one another in a provocative manner.

To begin with, this inviting & risqué show displays some of the hottest girl on girl action as both of the exotic dancers strip down to their lingerie eventually becoming naked.

Once the girls begin their floor action together with tricks involving sex toys and props they will make sure the guys are included paying special attention to the buck displaying some of the sexiest moves

This show is also available in a tag team duo where both girls perform a solo strip show as well as simultaneously.

Phone in advance to ensure you don’t miss out as duo stripper bookings are more difficult to co-ordinate and fill.

$350 agency payment + $550 each to each show girl

Prices may vary depending on location

Lesbian strippers


Do I get to choose the female stripper when I hire a girl?

Yes most definitely all of our clients choose the girl from a list of photos provided upon request. Once we have the event details we then distribute a job enquiry to our show girls & submit photos of each stripper who has advised they are available for the job and wishes to be put forward.

Once the client has received photos they can let us know which stripper or topless waitress they would like to secure and we send all of the relevant booking information to secure their selection.

Can I book a topless waitress for a strip show?

Only some of the waitresses also work as strippers. Majority of the female strippers only provide shows which is why it is important to advise if you wish to book a show. Another key point to remember is that there are limited female strippers available so booking in advance is a good idea.

How much notice do I need to provide when I book strippers?

Let us know as early as possible when it comes to organising entertainment for your event. We can most certainly take requests right up to the hour of your party however we do recommend to get in touch via the online enquiry form or simply call with some notice in advance.

This way we can assure you will have a wide range of ladies to select from and plenty of options.

Do you have package deals for events booking female strippers and topless waitresses?

We can most certainly cater to larger events & offer discounted rates. Let us know what your birthday party or bucks night requires & we can discuss options to suit your budget. Evotiques Ideas for Package Deals is a great guide to sourcing ideas to suit your party.

If you are unsure we are more than happy to discuss price & services in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly for the night.

What happens if I am not happy with the stripper on the night?

If for some reason your selected entertainment is not providing the services described we ask that you please contact us immediately.

Whether it be a waitress or xxx stripper, of course we take it very seriously if our entertainers are not providing adequate service.

It is important to call us within the hour or as soon as possible so that we can rectify any issues. One of the team will be available via phone late Friday and Saturday nights.

Can I book a stripper or topless waitress for a hens party?

Yes many of our NSW girls provide services for hens events. Whether it’s a g string strip or full nude strip, we can certainly assist in planning the entertainment. We also offer male strippers for hire. Our male strippers and topless waiters are a hens party favourite.

Do the strippers and topless girls provide services on a boat?

Without a doubt, our Sydney harbour boat cruises prove to be one of the most popular bucks ideas package in Australia. Coupled with topless or full nude waitresses & a strip show the guys can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset while cruising the Sydney waters on an exclusive boat or yacht.

When can I call the agency?

Opening hours cater to last minute entertainment however if the services you require are not urgent we ask that you enquire online or call during business hours.

Our office hours are

Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 8:00am – 11.30pm

Sefton Playhouse, Western Sydneys premium strip club