The evolving cycle of life & marriage

In this day & age we are finding that more men in their 30s are tying the knot where as looking back to the 1990s  your average age for wedlock was 25-26 years of age. Back in the 1970s people were getting married even earlier once again averaging at the age of 23.

It seemed like another instruction you would follow out of some sort of manual embedded in the back of your brain! you go to school and learn, then you get a job leave home and get married, lets not forget the kiddies! back in that era virginity was much more common and drawn out to the wedding night being most newlyweds first time of a serious sexual encounter – not that many people would admit to it! now days were finding that society is growing , expanding and theres more people want to incorporate into their lives before tying the knot and settling down. college, uni, traveling, working overseas, starting business & investing in property it seems like priorities have changed and were not all wired so much the same anymore.

Before you find yourself walking down the isle most of us realise that we have out grown our party days, done are the days of wet pussys at the bar, cocksucking cowboys in the bush and getting blind to fulfil our spare time while exploring our options of what or who else is out there to fulfil our needs. Nightclubs and strip bars seem all so much the same and not that much to brag about once you’ve spent a few trashy wknds stumbling from door to door! Theres no more curiosity especially when we have had the freedom that once did not exist, people in this day & age have had a chance to party, experiment with stimulants, get so wasted that they cant even remember what they did or where they went, hook up with people on trashy nights out they don’t even know and loose a numerous number of mobile phones, hand bags and wallets! this seems like a normal term of events on an adventurous night out on the town.

Thanks to the internet anything is accessible, we’ve got an endless supply of free porn, bare boobs and not to mention social media its not hard to access those sultry snap shots & racy recordings! nothing is hard to come by anymore.

Back in the 1970s around 15% of couples lived in the same place in a partnership before getting hitched! Now days those figures are reversed and up to 75% of the population are “living in sin” or so they say!  Marriage once represented a beginning of a life together, making a family, building a home and its said the onset of fidelity with the last lap dance being an important and accepted rite to the buck or groom.

Today having a wedding represents the start of something more like a confirmation of a relationship which has already been established followed by the early arrival of children before the old fashioned wed lock then babies.

By the time a bucks party has come by most of us are already accustomed to sharing our lives with others and know whats involved. Its very rare these days that the buck wont come strolling home from his bachelor party minus an eyebrow, a few whip lashings on his back. The conclusion of this is that more men are opting for a more private get away to let loose & have one last hurrah before the big day, Its obvious the old fashioned night out getting humped on by strippers in an over priced bar isn’t as popular as it used to be, whatever excuse the guys have, a long wknd away definitely gets the thumbs up!

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