Tips for the Best man of a bucks party!

Ok so everyone knows being the best man comes with responsibilities! this means you get the pleasure of organising the bucks party which isn’t your average “boys night out” A lot of time and effort goes into this responsibility – where to have the bucks party, who to invite, organising strippers, topless waitresses and somewhere suitable to stay amongst a whole lot of other things like activities and dinners. A bucks party should be a memorable event which is why we have created this step by step guide to follow for the all the best men out there.

Decide where to have the Bucks night/ weekend

One of the most important factors is the location of the bucks party, this can either make or break the party! It’s more common these days to pack up and get away for the weekend, most parties opting for a large hire house on the water somewhere that will accommodate to everyone involved. Choosing a location can be tough so the main thing to think of is the weather, where theres sun theres fun! swimming, Bbq’s, drinks by the pool is one of the most popular ways to spend the day on a bucks party. heading out can get expensive moving from club to club and this is why bucks parties at private residences are becoming more popular.

What type of party will you have?

The bucks party is an event created for the groom so be sure to include all his favourite activities , some good ideas include beer pong, poker, drinking games and pool activities, then theres skirmish, golf, footy games, theme parks, the beach and local hot spots.

Make sure you plan your activities according to the location of the bucks party and the weather as this will limit some of your options.

Plan ahead.

Make sure you have enough time to do everything in your itinerary and don’t rule out hangovers and big nights!

Make sure you get all the invitations, information and costs involved for the bucks party well in advance! this will give the patrons time to organise their finances, work holidays and family commitments before they up and leave.

The best man is generally responsible for the bucks party arrangements, on the odd occasion he may not be attending the party and may require some assistance with the planning, make sure you have an assistant on hand incase of this as there is a lot to organise including transport, bookings with hotels, bucks party attire like printed T shirts etc, outings and nights out. Having a checklist can be a big help and collecting payment of each patron prior to booking will also help keep you organised and ahead of things.

Grooming the Groom!

We all know a bucks party is a hell of a good excuse to embarrass and humiliate the groom! make sure he’s braced himself for this ?

Some of the most common activities to embarrass the buck include tying him to a ball & chain, giving him a list of tasks to complete over the weekend that will embarrass him while out and about, making him dress up in awful costumes and womens clothing, giving him shots & making sure he’s always got a drink in his hand.

The other patrons may have some other ideas for the groom so asking for their input and advice is helpful.

When is the bucks party?

Having a bucks party the night before the wedding day can result in a bit of a nightmare! try to avoid holding the bucks event close to the wedding as you don’t want to to encounter any un expected issues or hazards!

No doubt there will be hangovers, no one wants to experience their wedding day nursing a hangover while dealing with headaches, nausea and vomiting. Having the bucks event a few weeks before the wedding gives everyone time to recover and won’t spoil the day with cloudy heads and badly upset stomachs, if the bucks event involves a trip away make sure you plan it well before the wedding weekend.

Who’s going to attend?

Who ever is in charge of the invites will need to keep a few things in mind, make sure you have a list of all your invitees, keep note if anyones pulled out or if you get any extra guests.

Make sure your guests all get along and there wont be any conflict to crash the vibe and be aware of religion and other factors that may be a big part of the guest list.

Make sure you consider the father of the bride and groom, having a split bucks party may be a good option for anyone wanting to keep it low key for the sake of the fathers, having one night of tame activities and moderate drinking then once the fathers have had their night with the buck and party throw another night of fun for the younger guys.

How will everything be paid for?

Usually everyone will contribute to a kitty containing all the money used for bucks party costs and that can be topped up evenly throughout the event, remember that it is the grooms night so asking the other guys to chip in and cover his costs is a nice gesture. You don’t want anyone to end the weekend away angry or bitter because they feel they have been ripped off so make sure you have outlined it all in advance exactly what each guest is expected to pay and where the money is going. keeping receipts can come in handy for this.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

A few important things to keep in mind while watching out for the groom and privacy of everyone else involved.

1 Make sure you keep an eye on the buck and his alcohol intake, you don’t want him making any stupid moves he will regret.

2 Don’t let the buck drunk dial! he may say something he may regret! No one wants wifey to worry or witness the the sad shape her groom is in.

3 Make sure you take lots of photos or record bits and pieces / highlights of the event, it is his last night of freedom after all!

4 Be respectful to any entertainment that may be present at the party including topless waitresses & strippers.

5 Have an awesome Bucks party!!!

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