Want a Topless Waitress or Stripper at Your Place? Here’s What to Do

Different people have different thoughts regarding the idea of inviting a lingerie waitress, topless waitress, nude waitress, nude stripper or xxx show girl in their home. Some think it’s fine while others prefer visiting a club somewhere else. Well, if you love to be served by sexy fun topless waitresses at your own place, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Check out these five points revolving around the service that some may see differently.

  • Does your partner like topless waitress parties?

If there is anyone who doesn’t love topless waitress parties, they are surely missing on a lot more fun. However, we can’t all love the same things. Before thinking of hiring topless  waitresses or strippers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Sydney, first find out if your partner is ok with this idea.

  • Make it an adults only event

Only adults should be allowed to attend any party that is hosting a topless waitress or stripper from Brisbane to Gold Coast, Sydney and Byron Bay at one’s home. This is  classified as adult entertainment, therefore kids should be prohibited and it is against the law to have minors present. This may seem like a common sense to us, but certain unexpected events may occur, like your kids may arrive from school or home from a friends house, thus causing the party to come to a stop. Arrange a stripper’s party event at your place only if you are sure that no kids will come in unexpectedly. If you have kids, simply ensure things are not present.

  • Reach an agreement as a couple

Most couples who love to express the wild side of themselves will most certainly be on the same page when it comes to inviting a topless waitress or stripper from Evotique Entertainment to their place. But don’t assume that your partner will always agree with you. First, make an agreement with them even if you always seem to be on the same page regarding this issue. If this is your own idea to have a topless waitress or stripper at your place and your partner isn’t really into it, you better arrange a different location, such as a hotel or private function room.  Many hotels in Brisbane CBD and on the Gold Coast such as Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise offer private function areas for hire.

  • Make it a private affair

Although we all love fun, we wouldn’t want to publicise everything we do. For instance, if you like taking pictures and posting on the social media, be sure you are posting the ‘right’ things online. If you believe that your position at work is highly dependent on your social media profile, you wouldn’t want to post the photos of a nude waitress online. If you think any of your buddies have captured some photos that you do not want to be exposed to the public, simply talk to them about it or avoid posing for photos with the strippers.

  • Don’t disturb your neighbourhood

All parties involve some noise, if not from the loudspeakers then from the attendees. When having nude or topless waitresses from Evotique Entertainment or strippers at your party in Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast at your place, ensure the party won’t cause nuisance to your neighbours. Don’t have fun at the expense of the good relationship built for years between you and your neighbours.

Lastly, Evotique Entertainment will help you arrange a topless waitress to serve you drinks and mingle with the guests for your next party at your place. Do you love pool parties? Spice  up your next day time party with a bikini or even a nude or topless waitress! Choose from the superbly gorgeous talent with exceptional personalities and have your hand picked entertainment arrive professionally, on time and excited to be partying at your place! Evotique entertainment  take the hassle out of booking with their easy 5 step booking arrangement.

  1. call us with the details of your event
  2. wait for us to deliver photos of the available girls
  3. choose which gorgeous girls you would like to secure for your event
  4. pay  deposit
  5. Get ready to party with the hottest topless waitresses, nude waitresses and strippers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney!

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